Check Box in Webgrid MVC 3

Below is a simple demonstration on how to use checkbox inside a  webgrid column in MVC 3.

I had a field called ‘HasPassport‘ in my model which was of type **boolean **for which I required a checkbox column, to show a checked checkbox for every true value and an unchecked checkbox otherwise.

Using the WebGrid.Column’s format parameter below is how I have used…

header: "HasPassport ?",  
(col) => @Html.Raw(

"<input type='checkbox' checked='" +

((col.HasPassport) ? "checked" : "") +

"' disabled='true' />")  

So for every true value for the ‘hasPassport’ field the following HTML code is generated :

<input type='checkbox' checked='checked' disabled='true' />  

Hope this helps ! Cheers !